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Renessa Boley Layne

Founder of Designer Life Unlimited

Renessa Boley Layne is founder of the company, Designer Life Unlimited, creator of the Success and Happiness Test and author of the book, Fast Lane, Wrong Direction: Insider Secrets to Redesign Your Success. Renessa speaks at colleges, companies and associations to help people experience “fast lane, right direction” in their career, leadership, and personal life design.
Renessa brings 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success to her keynotes and seminars. Her popular professional programs equip audiences to strategically design and enjoy the highest levels of success and fulfillment possible. When people inevitably reach the personal or professional crossroads where they don’t know what to do next, don’t like what they are doing, or find themselves succeeding in work at the expense of more meaningful aspects of life, Renessa’s messages are a powerful wake-up call - not only to higher quality of success, but a higher quality of living as well. Renessa is currently a consultant to Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading provider of career transition and talent development solutions to organizations worldwide. She has also advised federal government and non-profit clients with a focus on process reengineering, change management, leadership and talent development. Renessa served as Senior Director for the Corporate Executive Board, partnering with the company’s largest and most prominent Fortune and Global 500 clients. She has worked as a strategy consultant for Oliver Wyman as well as with notable companies such as Procter & Gamble and Intel Corporation. Renessa is a dynamic speaker and has appeared as a leading authority on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX TV affiliates across the country. She has also been featured in publications such as Career Builder, CNN.com, Heart & Soul magazine, and The Washington Post. Renessa holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Stanford University. You can learn more about Renessa, her work and impact on www.renessaspeaks.com.

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