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Shayna Rattler

Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

Shayna Rattler, known as The Corporate Attraction Coach, is an executive coach, author and speaker whose mission is to help organizations and corporate leaders excel. She provides coaching, training and keynotes that enables her clients to cultivate leadership skills and achieve greater success in organizational excellence. Ultimately she empowers corporations to be attractive to and attract top talent, while simultaneously empowering leaders to be attractive to and attract top employers.

Whether engaging Shayna as a consultant to enhance your company culture, as a coach to strengthen your leadership team, or to speak to your audience, avail yourself to her relevant and abundant resources and knowledge. As a result, you will be better equipped to step through the door of opportunity for enhanced performance and greater profits than ever before.

If you seek lasting change and growth, Shayna Rattler is the missing link. Her passion, vision, wisdom, and “get-it-done” attitude are the keys to your success. Over the years Shayna has empowered thousands to enhance performance, and to connect and do business for greater impact and profits. By combining knowledge and experience she has built a reputation based on results.

Shayna has a BS from the University of Tennessee and is a certified Diversity and Inclusion facilitator. She was chosen as the National Association of Professional Women 2012 Woman of the Year for her industry and has been featured in many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, and Enterprising Women.

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