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Graciela G. Meibar

Executive Coach and Consultant

Graciela G. Meibar is a executive coach and consultant with over 30 years experience in marketing, sales, diversity and inclusion.

Meibar began her career at Mattel in 1984 as an Area Manager Analyst in the international division. She was promoted to Manager and later, Director of Planning for Latin America. From 1995 to 2003, she served as vice president of Latin America Export. During this time, she doubled the business and changed the business model for Mattel in that region. In 2003, she was appointed to the position of vice president of global sales training and global diversity. This position was created as the result of a clearly identified strategic need within Mattel for a stronger focus on sales training and diversity worldwide. In her role as vice president of global diversity, she is developed a global strategic diversity initiative for Mattel, to ensure that Mattel addressed its need for a truly diverse employee population.

After emigrating from Cuba at the age of twelve, Meibar moved to Los Angeles, where she attended Gardena High School. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from the University of Southern California in 1980 and an M.B.A. in management from Pepperdine University in 1983, which is ranked one of the top business schools in the country. She is bicultural and bilingual in Spanish.

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