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Jeannine Currie

Manager, Diversity and Inclusion for Human Resources at 3M

Jeannine was born in Arequipa in the mountains of Peru. When she was 4 years old, her family moved to Lima so that the children could receive a better education. After High School, she focused on Business Management: first at the Universidad del Pacifico in Peru; then, winning a scholarship to get her MBA at IESE––Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa––located in Barcelona, Spain. Their MBA program was ranked 7th Worldwide and 3rd in Europe by The Financial Times in 2015.

While living in Spain, she worked at La Caixa, its largest financial institution, and then at Cadbury-Schweppes. She returned to Peru to work in new product marketing at Procter and Gamble, followed by marketing packaged goods at Reckitt Benckizer––one of the FTSE 100 companies.

Her passion for marketing brought her to 3M Peru in 1992. She continued to 3M Argentina and in 2000, was selected by 3M to move to St. Paul headquarters. Most of her 3M career has been in Consumer Business, working in Communications, Branding and Marketing for such brands as Scotch®, Post-it®, Command® and Filtrete™.

In January, 2014, she made a major change, becoming Manager, Diversity and Inclusion for Human Resources at 3M. She is a Global Strategist focused on Marketing and Branding. Her background has helped her build inclusiveness awareness world-wide through her creation of the exciting new global initiative: “I’m in, are you in?”, launched with great success a year ago in more than 50 countries. Its enthusiastic acceptance continues to expand. In addition, Jeannine is responsible for HR Diversity & Inclusion for the Asia-Pacific and Latin America countries*.

She has won numerous professional awards, including 3M’s highest award in 2004, sharing it with a co-worker for doubling the consumer business in Peru, as well as winning the hearts of her husband and dog.

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